Our Company

The Intralink Ltd has offices in three countries and conducts business all over the world with it’s Headquarter located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. With over four decades of experience in employment consultancy and manpower recruitment, The Intralink is the leading agency when it comes to manpower.


Message from the Chairman:

Mr. Mohammed K. Rahman

Chairman, M/S The Intralink Ltd

M/S The Intralink gained the leading position of human resource export of Bangladesh. We are proud of our position. The company also played a significant role in developing stillness of the personal in their sophiticated fields and our client has been well satisfied with us.


Message from the Managing Director:

Mr. Mohammed Muhibur Rahman

Proprietor and Managing Director, M/S The Intralink Ltd

M.S The Intralink has gained a wide range of experience in this field for decades. It is recognized as  the leading organization in manpower export and it was possible due to the hard work  of it’s staff members, their dedicated service and an efficient management. I am confident that The Intralink will always endeavor to achieve great success in the coming years for manpower recruitment .